In principle, the sofa has a function that is almost the same as a chair, only because the surface is softer may not be used for some things that are rather hard such as a platform to achieve something in a high place and not affordable by just standing. Meanwhile, you can hire the sofa and the hills carpet cleaning if you want to remove the bad stench from your beloved sofa and carpets.

Some of the functions of the sofa include:

1. A place to unwind

As furniture with the main function as a seat, the sofa provides more comfort than ordinary chairs made of wood, iron, or plastic. After doing tiring work at home or standing in a public vehicle while traveling, the sofa helps provide comfort when occupied rather than ordinary chairs or sitting on the floor. Especially if the type of sofa couch, you can freely stretch your legs or even lay down like on a mattress.

2. Aesthetic Elements

As a comfortable seat, the sofa is almost always placed in the core spaces such as the living room, family room, workspace, lounge, etc. The more varied shapes, patterns, and types follow the trend making it an aesthetic element that gives a big influence in the room.

The sofa design is very diverse, as are the motifs that you can choose according to your taste. To enhance the appearance, you can add a pillow with a shocking color or seat cover that is in harmony with the color of the sofa. The most important thing is the harmony between the colors, the shape of the sofa, with the walls of the house.

3. Room divider

As a room divider, of course, the sofa will not be as rigid as a wooden or bamboo frame but more flexible. Such as you put the Sofa as a barrier between the living room and family room. To reinforce this limit, it is better to choose a long sofa model consisting of two or three seaters. Or you can also use a single seater provided the size is large enough.

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