The right AC temperature not only saves monthly electricity expenses but also affects your body’s health. Temperatures that are too cold in the room can make you suffer from health problems such as hypothermia and flu. On the other hand, you may also need to check out the cheap aircon servicing in singapore, whenever you’re looking for a good AC maintenance service with affordable prices.

Therefore, here is how to adjust the temperature of the air conditioner that fits in the room:

The setting is at 25.5 degrees C

First, determine the standard temperature that is most suitable for your room. However, that does not mean this is a benchmark so that you continue to set this temperature all the time. This is also adjusted to the conditions of outdoor temperatures that also affect. This temperature is considered to be the best temperature because you can feel the cold while saving electricity costs at home.

Increase and lower one-degree step by step

If you feel the temperature of 25.5 degrees C is still too hot, lower the temperature of one level lower. Feel slow, lower again until you feel comfortable. This is the same as if you feel too cold at 25.5 degrees C. Increase slowly until you find the ideal temperature for your room.

Turn off the air conditioner when you travel

Turning off the air conditioner when your house is empty can help save monthly electricity expenses. If it still wants to be turned on, raise the temperature to about 2-3 degrees from normal temperature.

Choose a temperature 4 degrees higher when preparing to sleep

Most people feel more comfortable when sleeping with warmer temperatures. It is recommended that you raise the temperature to at least 4o higher than the temperature you normally use, so you can still feel cold without having to get cold. However, if you are among those who can be more able to relax with cold temperatures, just return the settings as when during the day.

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