A suit and tie are no longer negotiable? Then you have to make sure your wrist is the same. You will be more serious if you look at wearing a classic watch with a steel bracelet or leather strap like black, brown, or deep burgundy. Avoid wearing a watch that is too presenting a ‘statement’ style. Making that impression is important, but the meeting room is not a place for peacocks to show off their beautiful feathers, just insert a classic piece that is so effortless. Aside from that, you may also want to see the finest bulova watches.

This will certainly make you look more professional and wealthy, which makes it easier for you to interact with high standards, especially at the big companies.

However, if your office can be a bit tolerant of casual business style, you can choose a more progressive design and clock color palette. You obviously have a lot of flexibility and can do exploration in a casual business atmosphere because you can mix and match shirts with sweaters, cardigans, wear sneakers, or whatever you wear your shirt and avoid wearing denim.

You can still choose a watch with a nato strap model made of canvas or leather. You can also choose a rubber strap with any colored dial including dark blue, green or a red clock case. But you should avoid it being orange and yellow because you will look immature. Except for yellow and orange, there are only strap strings with a color scale that is not dominant.

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