If you haven’t bought a ticket, come to the cinema early. You can also order tickets the day before through the cinema website. This is useful, so you also don’t late into the cinema. It’s a shame if watching the movie is incomplete. Coming late also disturbs other audiences. Meanwhile, check out the ticket prices at the RoxysPrices website, especially if you wish to see the complete price list for each day and for specific classes of people.

Have already decided what you want to watch

Usually, the receptionist will ask, “What do you want to watch”. Don’t think of it too long and fickle, because it will make the queue length, the officer gets confused. Choose as you wish and right at heart.

Determine seat seating

This question takes a little time because you have to pick and choose your seat first. Basically, the seat is divided into upper, middle and lower. If watching above, you will feel comfortable if your eyes can still see clearly, but it becomes a problem for people with minus eyes.

Sitting in the middle is considered the most appropriate for most people. The most unpleasant is sitting in the front because the neck aches and the eyes will dry and sore because they have to go up and up. Watching it on the corner or too right and left is a bit torturous because you also have to look at the movie.

Keep in mind, if you want to sit in any chair the price is the same, therefore choose a bench according to your needs and desires.

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