Coffee is a drink that many people like. No wonder if there are now various coffee shops offering coffee, especially the high-quality ones that service fresh roasted coffee. Starting from the price of the street stall to the price of five stars cafe. Here are seven of the most expensive coffee variants in the world.

1. Starbucks Quadriginoctuple Frap Coffee

This drink is the most expensive coffee variant from Starbucks. Because it is only produced in limited quantities and made using various ingredients. That is 48 mocha frappuccino with caramel ice cream, vanilla chips, strawberries, and two bananas. Then protein powder, matcha powder, caramel blues top, and pumpkin spice. If you want to taste coffee with various flavors, you can try this variant. This coffee costs US$50.07 per cup.

2. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

This coffee plant is planted at an altitude of 5000 feet at Jamaican Blue Mountain. This area has high rainfall so that it affects the quality of coffee beans produced. Harvested coffee beans are also processed in the same area, then sent to another place. That said, Jamaican Blue coffee taste is lighter and not too bitter. Jamaican Blue coffee is widely exported to other countries, one of which is Japan. This coffee costs more than US$53.65 per pound.

3. Saint Helena Coffee

This coffee grows on St. Helena Island and become Napoleon Bonaparte’s favorite coffee. Since then, Saint Helena’s coffee has become famous. Saint Helena Island itself is located on the West Peninsula of Africa. Not far from the Atlantic Ocean.

This geographical factor makes transportation costs high and the price of coffee too expensive. But for those who are already fans of Saint Helena’s coffee, the price is not a problem. Because they can enjoy high-quality coffee with citrus flavors in it. The price of this coffee is US$83.82 per pound.

4. Luwak Coffee

This coffee from Indonesia is the most expensive coffee in the world because it tastes delicious. The taste of civet coffee comes from a unique process. That is through the digestive process in the animal’s body. This coffee is priced at US$169.77 per pound.

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