Repairing the soil in your garden or backyard is meant to add something to the soil so that the soil is of high quality and rich in nutrients needed by plants. But before you want to recover your garden soil, you have to know in advance the condition of your soil is similar to clay or sandy soil. Also keep in mind that there are also types of rice or rice. These are all things you need to know so you know what you need to do. The land that is used to grow vegetables or flowers must be scraped and swelled to loose. This is mainly trying out land in the yard or garden area. Match the soil about one foot in and loose using a hoe or grooves such as hydroseeding. If using a large amount of land for rototiller bonding or spraying flares. Scouring and spraying aims to reduce soil density and good aeration. Loose soil is also important to facilitate water seeping into the soil.

One memorable way to improve your land is to mix your soil with lime powder. Limestone powder contains high calcium content. This lime powder serves to reduce the acidity in the soil. Soil that is too rice causes our plants to not be able to grow properly when soils are multiplied, so do plant growth. Chalk also plays a role in facilitating plant roots to absorb nutrients easily. You may continue to mix the lime powder on the ground or apply it to each layer which is interspersed with organic steel. all types of soil such as clay, loam and silt must be swelled so that the soil structure is in good condition.

Sometimes the soil does not have or lack a nutritional source for plants. Therefore, one way to repair the soil is to add organic steel to the soil that you want to cultivate. Organic steel slurry such as animal feces is processed like chicken feces, ox feces, goat stool, feces of Arnab or guano (battered feces) at the boundary of pertinent and slang to as much as the same.

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