When we talk about Peru we must also think about its capital, Lima. What things that you can find in Lima? If you travel to Lima, you will find a lot of interesting things that you may never see in other countries in the world. One of an attractive thing that the tourists are looking for is named as ayahuasca en huancaya. What is the meaning of that thing? The meaning of that thing is in Lima there is a special village named Huancaya. What can you find in that beautiful place? People who live in that beautiful village have a special method for healing.

Many of tourists who come from other countries in the world look for that special healing method. Many people say that the method for healing process that they use is very unique. As we all know that Peru has a very beautiful tourism spots that all the tourists from around the world visit every year. The weather and climate in Peru is very nice too, it doesn’t have bad winter season. In this wonderful Native American village you can see the rest of Inca cultures. You may see their old buildings, crafts, clothes, and even foods.

One of the famous herbs that the Inca people use for curing is popular with a name ayahuasca tea. This tea is very unique and different than the other Tea drink that you ever see at the supermarket. This special ayahuasca tea is made only for a certain ceremony for healing the disease or pain. They do believe that the soul has so many complex negative elements. The Mother Nature helps the Inca for giving the power to the people who are infected by the evil power. Therefore they will begin the healing process with a very religious ceremony privately.

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