Garbage that piles up clearly will cause other problems and make the environment look very dirty. With the amount of garbage around the house, your house will be very dirty and dirty. Because household waste is clearly a lot of garbage. It’s a good idea to always use the right garbage disposal services so that the waste can be managed properly. One service that you can use is dumpster rental Stratford CT.

If the garbage in your house is not immediately discarded and only stacked in one place, it will obviously cause various diseases that are harmful to your health. Some diseases that can lurk you and your family are

1. Malaria
Malaria occurs because of the bite of Anopheles mosquito. This mosquito can make our temperature rise and fall even to shiver. Of course this mosquito can be present in dirty environments such as throwing garbage in any place and not diligently to drain the tub and let unused items pile up. Therefore, keep our environment so that these mosquitoes do not nest.

2. Tuberculosis (TB)
Other diseases caused by the dirty environment are tuberculosis. TB can attack the lungs, intestines and lymph nodes. This disease is caused due to microbial bacterial tuberculosis infection. This disease is very dangerous because it can cause death. This disease can spread easily through the air due to the accumulation of garbage around our environment.

3. Dysentery
This disease is caused by unhealthy food from an unclean environment. Food contaminated with bacteria or feces if we consume it will cause dysentery. Dysentery attacks the large intestine which produces very acute diarrhea and can even bleed if you defecate.

4. Abdominal Typhus
Food and beverages in a dirty environment if we eat can cause various diseases, one of which is abdominal typhus. This disease attacks the small intestine which causes prolonged high fever. This disease is caused by the presence of salmonella bacteria.

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