Being a leader who is liked by subordinates is not an easy thing. Because besides being a subordinate role model, you are also required to master more fields than others. A good leader is also not only judged by the results of work, but some criteria can be obtained from the individual leaders themselves. To find out more about lead management you can visit our website.

Besides being a good leader does not necessarily mean implementing an absolute monarchy system. so that as they please tell their men and make their own decisions without too bothering the thoughts of his men. To better understand how you should be the leader your subordinates like, read the following tips:

1. Being a good leader is not cool and stingy
What is meant is that when you bump into subordinates outside the office don’t hesitate to reprimand first. Also if there are subordinates who need help in work or other things, at least show your caring. There are many ways to show caring, do it with enough and make sure it makes your subordinates comfortable.

2. Being a good leader always exemplifies discipline of time
Many things are concerned with time, of course. Such as consistent departure hours can make you a role model for your subordinates. Other things such as being on time will finish your work will also make you respected and a good example of course. The accuracy or discipline of the time that is maintained will also make everything to the maximum in the results.

3. Being a leader is required to be fair
Very closely related to the previous point with this number four point to become a leader who is loved by his subordinates. Where you are required not to discriminate against subordinates or easier to be fair to all subordinates. If indeed there are those who violate or underestimate the rules, give punishment according to what they violate. Be like you become a judge in a case, where justice is the absolute thing in it. As a boss, do not ever discriminate between employees, for example, more respect for permanent employees than contract employees, or prefer to appoint employees who are more familiar than lifting contract employees into permanent employees with performance appraisals.

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