If you are a user of Apple products, you must have an iCloud account. Did you know that iCloud accounts are often a favorite target for hackers? To prevent unauthorized access and prevent abuse of iCloud accounts, Apple recommends that you use a strong password. Did you know how to use two factor authentication?

However, a password or password can only protect your account as long as no one else knows the password. What if someone else knows? Fortunately, Apple allows you to secure an iCloud account with the Two-Factor Authentication method

Two-factor authentication basically works by adding an additional layer of security besides the password get more info. This feature is very useful, even if there are other people who know your password they will not be able to just enter it directly into your iCloud account. In iCloud, the authentication process is done by sending notifications to the original user’s cellphone, asking whether they allow access or not.

If the user decides to allow access, there will be a six-digit code that is sent directly to their device. This code must always be included when you want to access your iCloud account.

How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication in iCloud? Before you enable two-factor authentication, you should know that any third-party application that uses your Apple ID will automatically log out and you will be asked to re-enter the password for each of these applications. One way to activate this feature is through the mac website. Complete the rest of the process and start now every time you or someone else tries to access your iCloud account, a notification will appear on your Mac device whether access is permitted or rejected. If you choose Yes, you will be given a six-digit code, then the code mustN be entered to be able to enter the iCloud account.

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