How Long Do Seeds Last? (Free Viability Chart)

If you’re interested in planting your own vegetable garden, or looking for a new crop to grow, the likelihood is you’ve already heard of seeds. Seeds are like starting points for making plants that can reproduce and continue on their own; however, there’s still a lot about them that people don’t know. This article will define what seeds are and how long they last, but though it might seem like common sense to some people, not everyone knows this! What Seeds Are

Seeds are the result of pollination and fertilization from other plants and animals, sometimes through wind or water. They can be seen as miniature seeds of flowers; for example, corn is made up of fruit-like kernels (called cobs) which hold the germ inside. There are a variety of different types of seeds for different plants, such as grass seeds for grasses, cowpea seeds for pea plants and so on. They’re also referred to as pips or embryos depending on their shape. Most kinds of seeds will have many tiny black spots on them like this